The CCNA SP Operations Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associated Service Provider Operations (CCNA SP Operations) certifies a support engineer’s technical comprehension and practical abilities. The certification focuses on an environment of normative repaire within the context of large, high-speed core network infrastructure using Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network technology. The CCNA SP Operations curriculum features performance management, change, configuration, incident and fault procedures. Network management system tools and protocols are also given attention.

Who should take the CCNA SP Operations exam?

Network professionals like network support engineers can use the CCNA SP Operations to give their qualifications external validity. The CCNA SP Operations is an associate level certification that specializes in troubleshooting and maintenance of a high-speed IP NGN core network system. This certification has no prerequisites, but it serves as a prerequisite for other certifications, such as the Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider Operations (CCNP SP Operations), which is the next level above associate.

How much will I earn with the CCNA SP Operations certification?

The salary offered for a CCNA SP Operations position will depend on variables like previous work experience, truly knowing the concepts rather than simply passing the exam and whether the holder’s expertise is relevant to the business or the position. CCNA SP Operations holders who fit their positions well can earn high salaries, sometimes in the six-figure range. Senior Network Engineers with any CCNA track can earn between $61,000 and $112,000, for example. The precise figure offered a first-time CCNA SP Operations applicant will vary based on the factors listed above. The salaries listed by PayScale are in range form because it takes time to move from one salary level to the next.

The job market for these professionals is expected to improve by a large margin between 2008 and 2018. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that 280,000 jobs in computer networking will be created in the next several years, a growth rate of over 20 percent. Prospects for professionals who hold a CCNA SP Operations certification are very positive.

How do I earn and maintain my CCNP SP Operations certification?

After achieving the CCNA SP Operations, the certification remains valid for three years. The holder must re-certify himself within those three years to maintain his status. He has multiple avenues to meet this goal. The easiest way is simply to pass the exam for any CCNA track. Alternatives involve moving up the Cisco pyramid, such as passing any 642-XXX professional level exam or any Cisco Specialist exam. Above these, the options include passing the written and practical exams for expert level certifications or even attempting to master the demanding architect level. The architect level is the highest certification that Cisco offers.

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